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The reliability you want, the margins you need


The reliability you want, the margins you need

As a reseller, you are incredibly sensitive to the margins you get on the services you resell, but it’s not your only requirement. Reputation is paramount, so knowing that the services you are reselling are backed by a company with the expertise, reliability and level of support that will ensure your clients’ satisfaction is almost as important as the profits you gain from reselling the most affordable services on the market. It’s that’s simple: do business with us, maintain your reputation and keep more margin for yourself; why go elsewhere?


Our standardized approach to Reseller Agreements means that you can be confident that you will receive the support your require along with the reliability your clients demand.


We begin by signing a mutual Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure that all data and strategy remain confidential. We then provide access to our inventory of services available for resale, their relevant costs, and we also offer the necessary training sessions for our product portfolio when necessary.


For every opportunity, an Openface account manager and sales engineer will work with you to meet all of your customers’ requirements and questions. We also typically negotiate the price on a case by case basis, though we have preferential fixed prices with some resellers. Either way, we’re flexible.


When we conclude an opportunity, we decide how to support your customer: Typically we invoice you and you invoice your customer, though some resellers prefer that we invoice directly. And for support, we determine whether the end customer contacts you first or us directly for the support. Again, we’re pretty flexible.

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