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Services that complement your offerings


Services that complement your offerings

Our expertise and experience in the enterprise connectivity space, along with our strong engineering approach and background, make us an ideal team to work with on complex projects. We are one of those rare companies whose staff is approachable and personable and also incredibly technical. At the end of the day, it’s this combination of personality, expertise and service offerings that we provide not only to our clients, but also to our partners.


Understanding each other

We begin by a meeting where we can present our respective portfolios and understand where we can complement each other. This has led to many fruitful and mutually beneficial partnerships throughout the years.

Being top of mind

When your clients shop around for a fiber optic Internet or private network solution, introduce them to Openface. You would be doing them a favor. The truth is, win or lose, when we are involved in the bid process, the customer comes out largely ahead.

Flexible and profitable compensation

If we conclude any business through your referrals, you can choose any number of available options such as monetary compensation, reciprocal referrals when available or even discounts on services that you require. Either way, we’re flexible.

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