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Products with value that is easy to show, easy to sell


The flexibility you want, the support you need

We pride ourselves on being a company that clients like to deal with; human, approachable, fair. It’s in our DNA, and it extends as much to our partnerships with community organizations, as it does to our clients and agents who have seen the value we offer and view it as the opportunity that it is for them. Not only are our rates attractive, but agents who work with us know that they have a partner they can trust with the businesses they send our way.

A Transparent Agreement

Join the Openface Innovative Partnership Program by signing our official Agent Agreement, which defines the rules of engagement as well as the commission levels for generated revenue. Reach out to your business network to see whom among your customers would benefit from Openface’s fiber or microwave wireless connectivity, MPLS network, Data Center hosting solutions or Voice over IP technology.

A Collaborative Approach

For every opportunity, an Openface account manager and sales engineer will work with you to answer all of your customers’ requirements and questions. We are used to working with a variety of agents, from those who like to manage the entire opportunity turn-key to those who prefer to people match and let us follow our standard analysis and engineering process.

Impressive Compensation

Upon conclusion of an agreement with your prospect or customer, Openface will remunerate you by either paying a monthly retainer or paying upfront for the entire contract term. More importantly, we will take extra good care of your customer, who is now part of the Openface family.


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