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There are always opportunities to work with Openface.


Refer or Resell, Openface has your back.

One of our primary missions at Openface is to create meaningful and long-term partnerships with our clients, national carriers, resellers and business communities, locally and nationally. Our size and agility allow us to approach potential clients with unconventional propositions.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and our human approach to the relationships we cultivate.


Products with value that is easy to show, easy to sell
We pay best industry rates for agent commissions, plain and simple. Don’t believe us? Call us and see. 


The lowest rates translate to the highest margins
As a reseller, the most important thing is the profit you make per sale. And that’s
simple: do business with us and keep more margin for yourself; why pay more elsewhere? 


The reliability your clients deserve, at the rates you want
The simple truth is we have the best prices on lit and dark fiber in Montreal and given our in-house team and fleet of trucks, we can deliver it in the shortest amount of time. 


Friends don’t let friends or customers use bad Internet
Whether you work in IT or simply want to help out a friend or a customer, we are open to referrals and often provide referrals in return to any of our partners. 

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