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Openface launches its new brand!


Welcome to the new face of Openface!

Today is THE day! Welcome to the new and improved Openface! We are so excited to share with you our new brand and website today! We hope that this fresh faced and futuristic design captures the exceptional experience we offer our clients every day! Take a look!

Introducing Our New Look!
Openface Internet has taken on a new look, and a significant transformation. Our new identity had to satisfy all of the existing expectations of what our brand means, and what we stand for while continuing to move the brand into the future of telecommunications and Technology Based Solutions.

Striving to maintain our recognizable mark in the telecommunication industry, while still upgrading to something totally new was the primary goal of this rebrand and also the primary challenge. We achieved this goal and overcame that challenge by very carefully deconstructing our existing brand, and studying the fundamental shape, color, feel, angles, message etc. This process gave us and our creative partners perspective into what needed to be done next. What was strong? What was weak? What do we want? What do we want to avoid? From there, we were able to approach the challenge of defining the new mark Openface wanted to make on the industry.

The Brand Guide Upgrade
Step one was to raise the standards of our brand and develop a uniform Brand Guide that would build a strong foundation that could provide consistent application of our brand across multiple social media platforms, print collateral, web, employee email signatures etc. Our goal was to create something that would allow us to consistently express Openfaces’ visual identity and build a strong brand awareness, and isn’t that what a rebrand is all about?

What did we change?
The question really is ‘What didn’t we change?’

The Logo:

In the last year Openface gave its logo a major facelift and added an easy to remember icon – a lit up ‘O’ that acts as a beacon for clients’ needs everywhere. This O is our Nike Checkmark, our McDonalds ‘M’. The ‘O’ Is Openface’s brand mark.

The full Logo was also adjusted, changing the font to something a bit bolder, removing the word ‘Internet’ beneath for a cleaner and uncluttered look. We decided to also adjust our tilted ‘e’ to be more uniform with the remainder of the logo.

Why did we do this? A company’s logo IS the face of its brand and we needed to make sure that ours demonstrates that we are an industry leader, that we are the company you need on your side when you look for Network and Fiber Solutions in your business.

The Slogan:

Our slogan is what defines us – in one sentence, it is what explains our brand and everything we have done as a company in the past two decades of service. ‘Openface: The Human Face of Technology.’ In a world where technology continues to advance, where Customer Service becomes AI automated – Openface provides your clients with that irreplaceable and increasingly rare Human Touch – we are there from that first inquiry call to the final day of your project. With each step of your project/service being monitored by a personal Project Manager, Account Manager, Service Consultant, and Solutions Engineer, you truly have an army behind you when it comes to internet solutions for your business. Openface is a family, a team, an army, and the Human Face of Technology.

The Website: (See our home page)

The Website. This was our masterpiece. This was the baby we labored for months on – BUT, it was a labor of love and the hard work truly paid off. This website was designed to show the personality BEHIND the brand while still maintaining a futuristic, clean and professional aesthetic . We created a combination of video and still images, peppered in amongst our content and services in order to truly show what we do when you make the decision to work with us. We have also included video testimonials by clients who discuss their experience working with us – they say a picture is worth a thousand words, well, what about a video?

Our goal in creating this website was to demonstrate what Openface is NOW. What we can do after 20 years of hard work, experience, teamwork, ambition and an unparalleled work ethic. We hope you’ll appreciate it as much as we do.

A Message to our Partners:
A huge thank you to our partners in making this facelift/rebrand a smooth journey and a successful launch. We could not have done it without their dedication, perfectionism and their deep understanding of our brand.

Special “Thank you” to:
OKAM: The brains behind the beauty of our website – all backend work on our website
Featuring Agency: Brand Strategy, Logo and Website Design
David Carle: The guy who helps make sure that the right people see our new content and new face – SEO Services
Digi Presse: All the updated printed collateral that is helping us bling out our office space with Openface branded material
Maximage: Who patiently aided us with the production of our swag.
CC Videokraft : The eye behind the video camera who helped us create our home page intro video as well as our Game of Throne themed RodeoFX video testimonial

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