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Minimize IT costs while maintaining the highest level of service


Minimize IT costs while maintaining the highest level of service

Whether you are a chain retailer, a law office, or a service provider with multiple offices and sites, your needs are essentially the same: security, speed, reliability and access.

Our Private network services provide you with reliable, speed-of-light, end-to-end connections to the Internet and between your places of business.

What to expect from Openface

Whether your enterprise is best served by a Carrier Ethernet or MPLS network, Openface will provide the necessary engineering consulting and present you with options that cater to your specific requirements.

Engineering Excellence

Our managed MPLS network solutions are designed to provide security, speed and reliability without the required in-house IT resources normally associated with private networks. (Below is an example of a customer network diagram created for a client’s IP-VPN MPLS layer 3 network solution.)

mpls network diagram


A robust wholly-owned backbone and the right last mile provider

With our network of partners, our fibre ring that spans the Northeastern Corridor, and exchanges in Montreal, Toronto, and NYC, our private network solutions have the strongest infrastructural foundation around, covering 99% of the major metropolitan areas in North America.

private network backbone


Why Openface is your preferred partner

Quite simply, we're network builders. Our experience and expertise has lead us to the following rule: Approach the project as engineers, approach our clients as partners.

Listen & Assess

An account manager (who is then assigned to the account permanently) and a sales engineer attend the first meeting, listening to the client’s specific needs and pain points. Our goal here is to understand and collaborate with the client to address the issues and provide a solution that helps them attain their objectives.

Engineer & Propose

Once we have understood the customer’s needs, we engineer the solution. We check on fibre availability at the different locations, create a first draft visual diagram/topology for the client with our proposed solution, and consulting with the client at every turn. This approach means every contract is tailor-made for the specific client.

Execute & Support

Contract signed, a dedicated project manager handles our team, 3rd parties, and reports regularly on the project’s status. Any issues are handled transparently with the client to prevent any surprises. Once the solution is delivered, our support team is briefed and the account is monitored 24/7 from that point on.


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