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Private Network

IP-VPN/MPLS & Carrier Ethernet Networks


Does your enterprise need a private network?

Whether you are a chain retailer, a law office, or a service provider with multiple offices and sites, your needs are essentially the same: security, speed, reliability and access.

Our Private network services provide you with reliable, speed-of-light, end-to-end connections to the Internet and between your places of business.

The benefits of a private network


  • Easier and faster exchange of large documents
  • Quick data storage and retrieval operations
  • Seamless access to a private cloud
  • Reliable Video Conferencing
  • Crystal-clear VoIP service
The perfect fit for medium to large enterprises that require high-level SLA, QoS, security, and cost-effective scalability for their expansion plans. The mix of flexible bandwidth allocation along with a high degree of control over their networks makes private networks an invaluable piece of a company’s infrastructure.
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The right private network for you.
IP-VPN/MPLS vs. Carrier Ethernet


Our managed services allow you to minimize IT costs while maintaining the highest level of service.

  • Most commonly used to connect various offices and branches to others sites and/or to data centers.
  • MPLS networks can scale cost-effectively to thousands of sites with various bandwidth requirements.


Network Management

  • Generally managed by Openface, reducing the client's IT resource requirements.


Quality of Service

  • Multiple QoS options customized to the client's traffic requirements.



  • Generally more expensive, but typically includes managed infrastructure maintenance.

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Carrier Ethernet

Our Carrier Ethernet networks let you manage your own traffic and control every aspect of your network.

  • Most commonly used to interconnect data centers or sites with massive bandwidth usage.
  • Can scale to hundreds of sites but are typically for fewer sites each with elevated bandwidth requirements.


Network Management

  • Typically managed by the client, allowing for full control over their infrastructure.


Quality of Service

  • Reduced QoS complexity due to the ability to hook switches directly to the incoming Ethernet pipes.



  • Typically more affordable and is managed by the client's IT department.

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Why Openface is your preferred partner

Quite simply, we're network builders. Our experience and expertise has lead us to the following rule: Approach the project as engineers, approach our clients as partners.

Listen & Assess

An account manager (who is then assigned to the account permanently) and a sales engineer attend the first meeting, listening to the client’s specific needs and pain points. Our goal here is to understand and collaborate with the client to address the issues and provide a solution that helps them attain their objectives.

Engineer & Propose

Once we have understood the customer’s needs, we engineer the solution. We check on fibre availability at the different locations, create a first draft visual diagram/topology for the client with our proposed solution, and consulting with the client at every turn. This approach means every contract is tailor-made for the specific client.

Execute & Support

Contract signed, a dedicated project manager handles our team, 3rd parties, and reports regularly on the project’s status. Any issues are handled transparently with the client to prevent any surprises. Once the solution is delivered, our support team is briefed and the account is monitored 24/7 from that point on.


Other Services

Carrier ethernet

Openface’s Carrier Ethernet service seamlessly extends our customers’ local area network (LAN) to multiple sites.

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Our managed MPLS IP-VPN service securely connects your enterprise locations and provides Quality of Service (QoS).


Talk to the most competitive Private Network providers around.

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