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Direct Cloud Connect

Direct, fibre-based access to your preferred cloud solution


Direct, fibre-based access to your preferred cloud solution

Whether your business uses Google, Amazon, Azure or another cloud provider, your business depends on a stable and fast connection to those services. In order to access your critical files, Openface provides dedicated fibre lanes that ensure the fastest possible connectivity that is both secure and low-latency. Your business’ productivity depends on high-performance computing, access and security. Our hyper-fast fibre lanes to your cloud provider provides just that.



Protect your data

Bypass the Internet and all of its risks by connecting directly and privately to your cloud provider.



Reduce costs

Cloud providers typically charge their customers for bandwidth exchanged with their cloud setup. But did you know that there is a way to reduce these costs (often by as much as 50%) by ordering a private connection to your cloud? Customers with critical mass will in fact save money on their overall bill by implementing this type of private connection.


Increase performance

Openface Direct Cloud Connect will improve the performance of your connection to the cloud by providing you with the shortest, private route to your cloud provider. Latency is reduced, pack loss is eliminated and network topology is simplified by eliminating the need for VPN tunnels. Choose from any number of fiber optic packages, from 100Mbps to 10Gbps.


Work with a Cloud Neutral partner

Openface can provide direct connect options including:

  • Amazon AWS services such as EC2 compute and S3 storage
  • Google Cloud Platform services
  • Azure IaaS, PaaS and Office 365 cloud services
  • And many more

Contact us today for an evaluation of your needs and for a competitive quote on direct connect options!

Benefits of Openface's Direct Cloud Connect

  • Access the most popular cloud providers
  • Custom-pricing based on your specific needs
  • Guaranteed performance, reliability and security on the network
  • Completely private connectivity using the Openface network
  • IP-VPN, Ethernet, and Dark Fibre protocol options
  • No public internet sharing or congestion

Is it time to upgrade your cloud connectivity?

Give us a call for more information on our Direct Cloud Connect offerings, and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and the benefits we can provide via our services.


Get the cloud connectivity solution your company deserves

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