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Microwave Wireless

Versatile and quickly integrated


Versatile and quickly integrated

As a means of creating immediate and robust redundancy for existing fibre connectivity or as an independent connectivity solutions, Microwave Wireless has become an increasingly popular choice thanks to its high data throughputs and reliability. Additionally, its dedicated point to point antennas that are calibrated obsessively by our team to provide peak performance result in incredibly low latency. As a communications technology, wireless allows fast deployment with little infrastructural investment, while also being easily upgradeable.

The largest provider in Montreal

As the largest microwave wireless provider in Montreal, with our own installation teams and fleet of trucks, we can have you up and running at speeds up to 1G symmetrical within days at surprisingly affordable rates. The power and reliability of a microwave wireless’ point-to-point connection is a great option for any business in buildings that are not yet On Net or are looking for the redundancy that microwave internet services can provide.

200+ monitored antennas installed


Our Microwave Wireless Internet Packages


The perfect redundancy solution for your fibre connection

. Point-to-point connection means fewer hops & low latency
. Superior VOIP call quality and video conferencing
. Up to 1G symmetrical data transfer
. Weather-proof hardware means high reliability
. Quick installation means you’re up and running in days


Our microwave internet offerings give fibre a run for its money. Due to dedicated point to point antennas that are calibrated obsessively by our team to provide peak performance, our Microwave Wireless solutions provides incredibly low latency. Alternatively, the high throughput speeds mean that microwave internet solutions are becoming an increasingly popular option for companies seeking redundancy for their fibre connections, or for an independent connectivity solution that rivals the speed of fibre at reduced costs.

What you get with Openface

Efficient installation & maintenance

With our own fleet of trucks, in-house installation and maintenance staff and our years of experience, we deploy quickly and respond immediately to emergencies.

Quality & price

With Openface, you are getting the highest quality hardware on an incredible fast and robust network, coupled with the lowest prices in the industry.

The human touch

No bots here, always speak to a human and know that we are always there to ensure that your needs are being met and any requests are handled professionally and quickly.

Most Popular Options

Select your speed, view our rates.

  • 10M
  • 50M
  • 100M
  • 200M
  • 500M
  • 1G
250 Packages available in any speed up to 1Gb. The above price range is based on a statistical average and is subject to variations based on wholesale vs retail, location, installation absorption rates, and other factors. For more accurate cost, contact us today.

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