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Data Center

Colocation, cloud and managed services


Our Infrastructure at your service

Whether for the purposes of a private cloud, to house your telecommunications and storage systems, or simply to host your customer-facing storefront, every modern company at some point faces the question of how to manage their data infrastructure. Our data center specialists have that answer. Our cutting-edge hardware, robust fibre backbone, and environment management systems provide the reliability, speed and security your business depends on.

Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)

Managed and Unmanaged services

Our data centers host some of the most advanced experimental AI platforms on the planet, massive backups for some of the highest grossing blockbusters in movie history, enormous libraries for some of the fastest growing gaming companies, as well as the vital digital assets of some big names in ecommerce and retail. Our clients know that our ability to offer managed and unmanaged services makes us a strong competitor within the space.

With our managed services you can rest easy knowing that your assets are:
1. Performing at their peak
2. Within our data center
3. Running on the best equipment available on the market
4. Layered on top of the best network you can get
5. Running software that is constantly maintained and monitored by our data center specialists.

Our unmanaged offerings are perfect if you want to maintain the software on your servers while still benefiting from:
1. Your hardware being constantly monitored for performance
2. A robust and ultra-efficient network and backbone
You can rest easy knowing that when you use Openface’s data center solutions, your assets are always secure and performing at their peak.


We’re data center specialists

Our network of high-redundancy data centers includes two on-site data centers, and a number of dedicated racks with numerous partners throughout the city of Montreal, across Canada, the USA and into Europe and Southeast Asia. Our team of data center specialists accommodates requests ranging from a managed private cloud to the implementation of a blockchain. We handle it all.

With Openface, you get the best in server colocation and the peace of mind that comes with it. Our colocation facility is designed to ensure your web-based business gets 360-degree environment and service to keep it running smoothly, safely and without interruption.

Choose the best size for your business needs

¼  Rack 10 U
½ Rack 21 U
Full  Rack 45 U
Custom Cages Contact us for details


• Locked cabinet, secure 24/7 access with keycard & PIN
• 100Mbps network (1,000Mbps available) on our fibre-based BGP network
• A+B power available (15A, 20A, 30A, 110V, 220V, single phase, three-phase, etc.)
• Personalized service, 24/7 support



Our Data Center specialists are at your service.

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