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Dark Fiber

We build it, you light it


Unlimited bandwidth, 100% under your control

Your business needs full control over your IT infrastructure? Not a problem. Our fibre cables are at your disposal. Use our dark fibre network, light it up with your switches and equipment and control every aspect of your network infrastructure. Openface’s dark fibre solutions are tailored to meet your bandwidth needs while remaining future-proof and scalable as you grow.

Pay only for the fibre you use

Dark Fibre – typically 1 Single Mode Fiber (SMF) or 2 Single Mode Fiber (SMF), is a cost-effective way of getting the maximum amount of bandwidth at the speeds you choose.


We can connect any 2 places via dark fiber


We can connect any number of places (3 minimum) into
a ring topology to take advantage of path diversity.


Full control, high-capacity connectivity

. Perfect for cloud and colocated data facilities
. High level of scalability and flexibility
. Great value for high bandwidth needs
. Complete network customization on your terms


Why Openface is your partner of choice.

Quality & price

With Openface, you are getting the highest quality dark fibre service, coupled with the lowest prices in the industry. There is no better value.

Efficient installation & maintenance

With our own fleet of trucks, in-house installation and maintenance staff and our years of experience, we have honed our skills and response time to any request or emergency.

The human touch

You manage your network as you see fit, but we are always there to ensure that your needs are being met and any requests are handled professionally.


Q. What is Dark Fibre?
A. Dark fibre or unlit fibre is unused optical fibre, available for use in fibre-optic communication. Basically, Dark fibre is physical fiber cable that is physically connected between two locations.

Q. What is the purpose of Dark fibre?
A. Dark fibre is meant to provide companies that have advanced communications requirements, the option of creating their own fibre optic based networking solutions without having to physical lay their own fibre cables. This allows them to manage their own network while still benefiting from the efficiency, speed and reliability of fibre optic infrastructure.

Q. Is Dark Fibre right for my company?
A. Dark fibre is the right solution for companies that have high bandwidth requirements, a solid in-house IT team, and are comfortable managing the hardware and software for their own networks, which may be setup in point-to-multi-point or point-to-point configurations or as dark fibre rings. Essentially, with Dark Fibre, clients will benefit from unlimited bandwidth on a highly secure network, that is incredibly fast.


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