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Fibre, Microwave Wireless and Redundancy


A fibre-first supplier

Regardless of your specific connectivity requirements, we are the supplier to meet them. With a fibre-first approach and complementary connectivity technology options to accommodate the wide range of geographic, logistical, and budgetary realities, we are perfectly positioned to ensure that your business benefits from the highest speeds, at the lowest costs; ensuring the optimal levels of productivity for your enterprise. When it comes to telecommunications, we offer the best value on the market… by far.

Enterprise level solutions for access to the Internet and between your places of business

Openface has been providing bleeding-edge connectivity solutions to enterprises since 1996. For over 20 years we have pioneered a number of internet and network technologies, from ADSL and SHDSL in the 90s to building a state-of-the-art data center and one of the first independent fibre networks in Montreal in the 00s.

Today we are the only independent and autonomous enterprise-focused ISP in Montreal to offer the complete range of connectivity solutions.


Fibre Internet

Bandwidth, speed, reliability and security are paramount to a company’s ability to remain competitive, productive and scalable. Our fibre optic network provides the reliable, robust and incredibly fast backbone required to ensure that companies can easily meet their productivity objectives, while fibre optic internet means that your internet will always remain at the cutting edge of technology and future-proof.

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Microwave Wireless Internet

With incredibly high speed and low latency due to dedicated point to point antennas that are calibrated obsessively by our team to provide peak performance, microwave internet solutions are an increasingly popular option for companies looking for redundancy for their fibre connections, or for an independent connectivity solution that rivals the speed of fibre at reduced costs.

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LTE, DSL, and Cable Internet

Used to service less central sites with lower bandwidth and throughput requirements within a private network, LTE, DSL and Cable connectivity still plays a vital role where fibre or wireless microwave isn’t viable. As engineers and problem solvers, it’s in our nature to find the right tools to solve problems. Our alternative connectivity offerings via our partner agreements ensure that no piece of your company will be left out to dry.



Openface is your connectivity partner

And here's why...

Fast Installation

Whether it’s a Fibre or Microwave Wireless solution, Openface gets you up and running faster than you can imagine. Our in-house installation team makes all the difference.

Unbeatable value

Our connectivity offerings are best-in-class at the lowest prices in the industry. If you have your doubts, give us a call and we’ll prove it.

Ironclad SLAs

At the end of the day, we backup what we sell with industry leading SLAs and QoS agreements. That’s what makes us a reliable provider. Everything else is simply talk.


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