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Canada & USA Fibre Internet

Covering 99% of Metro regions in North America


Covering 99% of Metro regions in North America

Across Canada and the USA, Openface is there to ensure businesses have the tools they require to remain competitive, flexible and can scale at the drop of a dime. Our fibre network, microwave wireless solutions, multi-point private networks, VoiP and Data Center services are catered to enterprises that require the speed, reliability and security demanded by the modern business environment.

Why Openface offers the best value

Our interconnections with national Carriers allow us to fully cover upwards of 99% of the territories in all Metro markets across North America, while our human approach and competitive pricing make us the preferred partner of over 1000 Canadian and American clients. Give us a call, and experience it for yourself.

A robust MPLS backbone

With its own MPLS backbone, Openface’s network infrastructure is monitored, maintained, and upgraded so that it is always performing optimally.

A Last Mile Operator

Because Openface is itself a last-mile operator, it is always the most affordable option in the specific markets in which it operates.

CPE and Auditing

Our policy to only purchase the highest quality materials from the most reputed brands results in industry-leading performance and lower end-costs to the customer.

Unparalleled service

Our ability to react to service issue faster than our peers and at decreased costs is directly due to our in-house support and maintenance teams as well as our fleet of service vehicles.

Our Fibre Packages

fibre internet canada


Our proud guarantee

Uncompromised quality, at the lowest costs available. It's that simple.


Whether it’s one of our fibre packages which range from 10Mbps to a blazing 10Gbps, or our incredibly efficient in-house installation teams, speed is our game. We’ll get you setup faster than our competitors with a level of service you will appreciate.

Incredibly supportive

We think of ourselves as a company that focuses equally on the human aspect as the technological. Our 24/7 support teams exemplify that philosophy with courteous, helpful and professional assistance, no matter what the issue.

Impressively valuable

Our unique combination of incredible sales, client management and support teams backing up our hyperfast, stable internet, at rates that are unmatched you get value that is considerably higher than our closest peers.

Most Popular Options

Select your speed, view our rates.

  • 10M
  • 50M
  • 100M
  • 200M
  • 1G
  • 2G-10G
250 Packages available in any speed up to 10Gb. The above price range is based on a statistical average and is subject to variations based on wholesale vs retail, ON Net vs NEAR NET, fiber density, installation absorption rates, and other factors. For more accurate results visit the fibre page for your specific market. Montreal, Toronto

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