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Fibre Optic Internet NYC

A great fit for the city that never sleeps


A great fit for the city that never sleeps

The city that never sleeps; past-paced, aggressive and considered to be the center of global finance, is a market in which Openface has been growing consistently. Leveraging our resources and strategic partnerships, with a PoP at 60 Hudson (the biggest Telco interconnect point in NYC), we offer competitive pricing for a wide range of enterprise grade connectivity solutions. Our ultra-fast network offerings are paired with aggressive pricing and are second-to-none on a global level. Openface is the big O to the big apple.

Why Openface offers the best value

Our presence in NYC includes an exchange in the NYIIX, with a fibre ring interconnected in Telx (60 Hudson), providing unparalleled reliability and performance within the Northeastern corridor, while our numerous long-running partnerships with national carriers allow us to provide coverage to 99% of the Metro markets across North America. Our 1000+ Canadian and American clients will attest to our human approach to their technical needs, and a standard of service that is unparalleled in the industry. Try us out, call us and you’ll and hear the Openface difference instantly.

MPLS Infrastructure

With its own MPLS network, Openface is able to not only monitor your network’s performance levels but to also maintain and upgrade the infrastructure as needed.

Last Mile Providers

Openface will always be the most cost-effective option in select markets simply because we are a last-mile provider ourselves. And where not available, we employ our extensive partnerships to ensure the highest level of quality at the best rates.

Equipment and Monitoring

Part of the reason we offer the highest value is because we purchase the best equipment, ensuring lower maintenance costs and fewer performance issues, thus keeping our costs lower while providing better service.

Technical support service

No competitor can respond as quickly to support issues as Openface, because we have our own in-house support teams, maintenance staff and fleet of service vehicles.

Our Fibre Packages


Our promise to you

The highest level of quality, at the best rates around. Full stop.


From our 10Mbps offerings all the way up to our 10Gbps package, we can service a great variety of client demands. But not only is our internet service fast, but our installation speed will leave you greatly impressed.

incredible Support

Our 24/7 support staff is always at the ready. Problems happen, but our team is always prepared to handle the issue professionally and to handle the client courteously and helpfully. It’s why we see ourselves as being the human face of technology.

Undeniable Value

The fastest internet you can get, the highest level of reliable available in any market, rapid deployment and support, at the best rates within the industry, gets you undeniable value.

Most Popular Options

Select your speed, view our rates.

  • 10M
  • 50M
  • 100M
  • 200M
  • 1G
  • 2G-10G
250 Packages available in any speed up to 10Gb. The above price range is based on a statistical average and is subject to variations based on wholesale vs retail, ON Net vs NEAR NET, fiber density, installation absorption rates, and other factors. For more accurate results visit the fibre page for your specific market. Montreal, Toronto

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