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Fibre Optic Internet

Reliable, speed-of-light connections to the Internet


100Mbps to 10Gpbs Fibre optic internet at unparalleled rates

Openface caters to those companies that understand that not only are bandwidth, speed, reliability and security paramount to a company’s ability to remain competitive, productive and scalable, but so are their costs. Our fibre optic network provides the reliable, robust and incredibly fast backbone that enables companies to easily meet their productivity objectives, while fibre optic internet with Openface means getting the best value possible.

Fibre Optic Internet, deconstructed

Why is there such a wide range in price and reliability in the industry?

All fibre providers are in the business of packaging 4 elements in order to provide their fibre internet service:

1. a backbone that manages all the traffic, paths, and routing

2. last mile solutions to connect your sites to the backbone

3. the proper hardware at your place(s) of business

4. and a guarantee of a certain level of quality of service and uptime.

It’s that simple, though of course each of those elements requires expertise, experience and the ability to problem solve when issues arise.  Essentially, that is what all fibre internet providers offer.

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fibre optic internet

Why Openface offers the best value

Openface is able to offer the lowest rates around because we’ve been able to optimize each of the 4 elements.

Our MPLS backbone

Because Openface has its own network backbone, we are able to monitor, maintain, and upgrade our infrastructure to ensure it’s working at peak performance.

fibre optic internet - MPLS Backbone


Last Mile Options

As a last mile provider itself, Openface is always the most affordable option in selected markets. Over 20 years in the industry means we have a great deal of experience managing the necessary municipal and civil permits required as well as an incredibly efficient installation team, complete with our own fleet of service vehicles. Where Openface cannot provide a last mile solution, our partnership agreements and wholesale volume pricing allow us to choose the best provider at the lowest cost to connect even the most remote enterprises to our MPLS backbone.

fibre optic internet - last-mile-partners


Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) and Monitoring

The last step in providing our fibre connection is the hand-off to the client. Our experience has taught us that buying the best next-generation equipment from the industry leaders means fewer performance and maintenance issues, which further reduce costs. Additionally, we constantly monitor the on-premise equipment 24 hours a day to ensure our services are working at peak performance.

Highest Quality Equipment


Industry-leading service

Our in-house installation team gives us the speed and flexibility we need to attend to all requests quickly.  Our in-house support team, network maintenance staff and our own fleet of service vehicles, means we are able to respond to emergencies faster than our competitors and at a reduced cost, with better communications and familiarity with each client’s specific needs and configuration. This speed and efficiency translates to a 4H MTTR, and a 99.9% SLA provided and bilingual support team available 24/7/365.


Why Openface is different

Scale, culture, and partnerships

Scale: Openface is one of the largest independent Fibre Internet providers in the country. We’re one of the few players large enough to be a last-mile provider, have our own installation and maintenance service vehicles and teams, own and operate data centers as well as our own physical fibre network on a MPLS backbone. Our fibre ring connects the 3 largest cities in the Northeast; Montreal, Toronto, and New York City, and is linked to the major exchanges in each of those cities, which means we are not reselling services, subcontracting our maintenance and installation processes or support resources. At the same time, we’re small enough to be flexible, nimble, and hungry. This Goldilocks size means we’re not beholden to parent companies and their shareholders, and can more easily adapt to the market and cater to individual clients. We simply have lower overhead.

Culture: Our size makes us flexible, but it’s our longevity that has shaped our culture. We have been around since 1996, and in that time we’ve learned that what matters are the relationships we create with our clients. In order to create and maintain those relationships we have a number of hard rules:

  • Listen and understand the client’s needs
  • Colloborate, don’t impose
  • Value the partnership above the profit margin
  • Provide the best engineered solutions to real world IT problems

These rules drive us to provide better value, sometimes by simply reducing our prices, other times, by providing additional services at little to no extra costs, or simply by providing a higher level of reliability than our competitors, for the same or lower price.

Parnerships: Our 20 years of experience in this industry have allowed us to forge strong relationships not only with clients but with complementary providers. Our vast network of last-mile providers for example allow us to choose the best option for our clients where smaller players may have fewer choices. Our longstanding partnerships also allow us to get the best equipment at the lowest prices. Our purchasing power and partnership agreements also allow us to get products and services at rates other newer and small to medium-sized providers simply can’t match.

Our Fibre Packages


Our promise to you

The highest level of quality, at the best rates around. Full stop.


Our packages ranging from 10Mbps all the way up to 10Gbps are designed to cater to the wide range of demands from our clients. Our internet is fast, our in-house installation teams are even faster, getting you setup in less time than the industry average.


Our 24/7 support staff is always at the ready. Problems happen, but our team is always prepared to handle the issue professionally and to handle the client courteously and helpfully. It’s why we see ourselves as being the human face of technology.


When you add up fast, reliable fibre internet, installed at the speed of light, supported by a great technical support team, and at the best rates available in the industry, you end up with unbeatable value. It’s that simple.


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