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About us

The human face of technology

Passionate about enterprise connectivity solutions

Openface isn’t just a tech firm, we’re a group of individuals who are passionate about providing connectivity solutions to businesses who take productivity and efficiency seriously. We don’t just provide technological solutions to the problems our clients have, we dive into the objectives of our clients and provide long-term, future-proof infrastructure so that our clients can grow, adapt and continue to innovate in whatever field they have chosen to approach.

We take pride in being a part of the growth of our clients, knowing that our services are an integral part of their success.

22 years
1000+ clients
75 employees

Our Approach

Attentive and personal interactions

Our focus is on the needs of our clients. We strive to be a partner not just a supplier. It starts with providing a dedicated account manager who understand the requirements and who is assigned to your account in permanence.

Efficient and competitive offerings

Our team like our services, works at the speed of light. Our extensive fibre optic network, our in-house installation and maintenance teams and our fleet of service trucks allow us to provide the best service at prices that cannot be matched by our competitors.

Agile and innovative services

We are inherently a group of problem-solving geeks whose mission is to apply our passion and strengths to the problems that our clients face. We never hesitate to put our neurons to work to help businesses maximise their growth potential by providing flexible and customized solutions.

Our team

  • ArrayBlanche Adams
    Andrew Lassner CEO
  • ArrayBlanche Adams
    Erik Rungi CTO
  • ArrayBlanche Adams
    Imad Tabet Financial Comptroller
  • ArrayBlanche Adams
    Nicolas Philiptchenko VP Sales and Marketing
  • ArrayBlanche Adams
    Jean-Michel Arnaud VP Outside Plant Engineering
  • ArrayBlanche Adams
    Scott Thompson Director of Network Operations
  • ArrayBlanche Adams
    Sharon Vandrish General Manager - Software and Managed Services
  • ArrayBlanche Adams
    Yousef Ali Service Delivery Director
  • ArrayBlanche Adams
  • ArrayBlanche Adams
    Patrick Charlet Support Group Manager
  • ArrayBlanche Adams
    Serge Arsenault Vice President Operations

Our history

mcgill campus

Like a Silicon Valley startup story, 2 computer engineers living in the dorms at McGill University decide to create an ISP at a time when most people still do’t know what the internet is. Openface Internet was born.


Openface moves into their new 20,000 sq ft headquarters strategically located on the corner of Park Avenue and sherbrooke allowing them to take advantage of the downtown core’s technical infrastructure.


Due to its level of innovation providing DSL internet access in Montreal and integrating fibre optics internally while everyone was on dial-up, Openface was able to grow incredibly quickly, winning Deloite & Touche Fast 50 awards 2 years in a row.


Openface finalizes construction of its ultra-modern data center at 3445 du Parc, allowing it to expand its colocation offerings and pairing those with its reliable, flexible and robust fibre infrastructure.

installation and maintenance

Openface commits to the construction of its wholly-owned fibre optic network in Montreal, and creating partnerships with regional and national carriers to expand that network across North America. Fibre Optics connections to the internet and within private networks becomes Openface’s flagship product.

openface company history

Openface finalizes the acquisition of Zerofail and almost doubles in size across every metric (# of clients, # of staff, size of network) while acquiring a number of additional installation, maintenance, and engineering resources. (Open infographic)

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